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Acne Treatment

While acne is an external condition, sometimes the root cause can be more than skin deep.  At AM, our approach to acne management and treatment is an integrative one – combining the best of both traditional medicine and holistic options.

Diet, stress, hormones and more can all play a part in contributing to acne and other skin conditions.  Our provider Susan Menard is qualified not only as a dermatologic nurse practitioner but also as a lifestyle medicine coach. This experience helps her build individualized plans that include not only topical treatment, but a close examination of diet and supplementation to address what is happening on the surface of the skin

Programs may include some or all of the following:

  • In-office skin care treatments and peels
  • Home care products
  • Prescription topical products or antibiotics
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Diet modifications
  • Hormone testing

Our approach can work for a spectrum of patients, ages and needs, and the entire AM team including Dr. Welch and Aestheticians works together to provide continued support and management of acne.

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