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Battling acne and breakouts can be tough, but working with the right tools on your side (not to mention a helpful skin care professional) can make it a little easier.  Check out some of our favorite acne fighters below!

The oil-cutting, exfoliating cleanserZO Oilacleanse.  This deliciously scented cleanser is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is a hard worker, too!  Enhanced with microbeads and salicylic acid for manual and chemical exfoliation, it helps remove dead skin cells and sticky oil that can clog pores.  Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E and more make appearances to enhance this formula. At 8 oz and $49, this tube lasts FOREVER.

The scrub you won’t want to live without ZO Vitascrub.  Best for very oily, resilient skin, Vitascrub is no joke.  But for those that need it, they won’t want to go without it.  The dual-action exfoliation helps fight acne bacteria and oil, without overdrying. $80 for 4oz.

Tone up for the glow up – ZO Ossential TE Pads and Cebatrol Pads.  If you are one of those people that think a toner can’t make a difference, let us enlighten you.  These two pack a variety of perks, including added exfoliation, oil control and calming the skin.  Cebatrol has the added benefit of Mandelic acid to lighten acne scarring.  TE Pads, $51 for 60 pads, Cebatrol Pads, $62 for 60 pads.

Spot-Free SPF – EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46. Daily protection from the sun is important for everyone, but can be problematic for acne sufferers.  EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 is a light, non-greasy formula that soothes inflamed skin and protects sensitive skin with zinc oxide – a physical sunscreen that won’t make breakouts worse.  UV Clear is available in both tinted and untainted options. $32.

The Unexpected New Best FriendZO Rozatrol Normalizing Serum.  Designed to alleviate multiple problems of sensitized skin with Rosacea, this gem is also showing promise as an acne treatment too!  It’s main goal is to reduce oil, but does so in an elegant formula that also smoothes and exfoliates skin, minimizes inflammation and redness, and also protects the skin barrier function. $88, 1.69 oz.

The selfie-worthy mask – ZO Sulfur Acne Treatment Masque. Sulfur is a time-tested acne treatment that absorbs surface oil and  helps prevent clogged pores.  ZO’s Sulfur Masque also hydrates without overdrying and the ZO blue color is Instagram-worthy!  Use it all over once a week for a refreshing mask, or use as an overnight spot treatment on blemishes. ZO Sulfur Masque, 3 oz.$45.

Speaking of Spot Treatments, we have several for any acne situation:

  • Post-breakout dark marks? Try ZO Aknebright to both treat the active blemish while brightening the skin and preventing post-inflammatory pigmentation.  We like this product for nighttime treatment due to the LiquiPatch technology. Aknebright, 0.5oz/$45.
  • Daytime concealer with acne fighting power?  For a quick cover-up, try ZO Offects Correct & Conceal.  Long-lasting coverage with the benefits of salicylic acid and tea tree oil help heal breakouts while hiding them from sight. Comes in medium and light shades, $29.
  • Old school favorite, upgraded?  Benzoyl Peroxide has been used for years in acne treatment, and ZO Aknetrol does not disappoint!  This lotion formula can be used as a spot treatment for deep blemishes, or is fantastic for all-over use in more moderate to severe cases of acne.  We love the addition of tea tree oil for its antimicrobial properties, along with various antioxidants and glycerin to minimize irritation and hydrate.  Acnetrol, 2 oz./$35.

Working with an AM aesthetician to select the best products and being compliant with the recommended regimen is key for the best possible result with acne treatment.  Contact us to schedule a consultation and get started today!