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Like everything in life, smooth-textured, even-toned skin just happens for some – but others need a little more effort!  For those that need help, of course AM has you covered.

One of our favorite ways to treat rough skin texture is with microneedling.  This treatment uses a small device called the SkinPen to create tiny injuries in the skin, creating a wound-repair response that activates collagen and elastin growth.  This helps smooth surface imperfections such as acne scarring,  improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pore size and can give the appearance of tighter skin overall.  Microneedling treatments are recommended in a series of at least 3 for best results, spaced 4-8 weeks between treatments.

To treat texture at home, a retinol product is always a good idea as it also boosts collagen production and increases skin cell turnover which will help keep skin looking youthful, even-textured and bright.  Try Retamax by ZO Skin Health or Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex LS or HS by MDR Aesthetics (formerly MDRejuvena).

For additional smoothing benefits, we are also loving the new Instant Pore Refiner by ZO Skin Health to help minimize the appearance of pores, control surface shine and smooth skin texture. Apply Instant Pore Refiner in the morning just before makeup for best results.

See your AM aesthetician to get your personalized plan – and get your smoothest, healthiest skin yet by the holidays with our October microneedling special!