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There have always been myths linking diet and acne, but in the case of sugar – this happens to be true!  Eating foods such as pasta, white rice, pastries, candy and white bread can cause spikes in insulin. These foods are considered “high-glycemic” carbohydrates (simple sugars), which raise blood sugar quickly and cause the body to release insulin.  Ultimately, excess insulin in our systems can cause oil glands to produce more oil and increases your risk for breakouts.

There is research stating the connection between a Western diet, or the “Standard American Diet” and acne. These diets are based heavily on dairy, saturated fats, trans fats, and high-glycemic carbohydrates.  The Western diet is linked to greater systemic inflammation which contributes to acne problems.

Anyone concerned with acne or any type of inflammation of the skin can make the following foods a priority to reduce your risk for acne.

  • Concentrating on eating unprocessed, fresh vegetables and fruits – “Eat the Rainbow” means getting a variety of color to your fruits and veggies
  • When eating carbohydrates, focus on low-glycemic whole grains and legumes
  • Foods containing zinc, Vitamins A and E, and a variety of antioxidants

Some of our favorite foods to give your skin a healthy glow include dark leafy greens, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, salmon and nuts.  Many people also benefit greatly from limiting or eliminating dairy products from their diets.

The right high-quality supplements added to a healthy diet can also provide an extra boost.  Jane Iredale’s Skin Accumax supplement contains sulfur compounds found in cruciferous veggies like cauliflower and broccoli that may help the body maintain hormone levels and oil balance in the skin.

If you have questions about your diet and how you can eat to optimize your health and aesthetic goals, consider a nutritional consultation with our nurse practitioner, Sue Menard.  This hour-long visit can help you begin the process of discovering the best way of eating for your goals.