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Lambertville, MI

That feeling when you accidentally open your front facing camera…eeek!  It’s happened to most of us, and unless you’re an Instagram model you might have cringed at the sight of your double chin.  Enter Kybella to the rescue!  This non-surgical injectable treatment targets and destroys unwanted fat under the chin, but we are also having fun imagining the possibilities for other treatment areas – jowls, bra fat…where else can you think of?

Dr. Welch recently shared her personal results with Kybella, which she loved! Check out this video to find out more about her experience.

If you have been considering Kybella, now is a great time to take advantage of our updated packages!

Mild Treatment Package – Includes 2 treatments of 2 vial each, $1500
Moderate Treatment Package – Includes 2 treatments of 4 vials each, $1900

Single vial price – treatment for jowls or another small area, $500