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Know you’re going to need to clean up the diet after the holidays?  Maybe its time for a detox!

Many people view “detox” as a buzz word – but many of our bodies really could use a boost in this process, most of which takes place in our livers.  Due to the food we eat, pollution in the environment, stress in our lives and even genetics, sometimes this process doesn’t work as well in our bodies as it should.

There are so many detox programs and options out there, how do you choose?  The detoxification process is quite complicated, but Metagenics has it down to a science – including everything needed to support your body in their Clear Change 10 Day Program.

  • Ultra Clear RENEW Shake Mix – provides nutritional support and helps clear harmful compounds from the body
  • AdvaClear Capsules – provide Vitamin B12, folic acid and other nutrients for further support of the liver
  • Program Guide including full 10 day menu plan and recipes
  • Shaker Cup – for mixing shakes on the go

Get the full program now for $119.50, and detox with the team at AM Skin Health!