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Lambertville, MI

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

If there’s one thing that’s obvious about Dr. Welch (and AM as a whole) it is about combining career and passion.

Motivated by family, health and fitness and a dedication to patient care, Dr. Welch has practiced as a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Toledo area for over 13 years.  Not only a talented surgeon, she is also conscientious of her patients on a wholistic level – offering advice for diet, exercise, mindset and more.

Being the area’s only female plastic surgeon, she is aware of the impact these areas can have on a woman (and men too!) when it comes to keeping healthy and aging with grace.

For tips and advice from the good doctor, check out her social media channels where she’ll be sharing information about her daily life and routines, plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures, diet, exercise and mindset techniques.

Facebook – Dr. Marlene Welch
Instagram – @drmarlenewelch
YouTube – FITSurgeon

Have some questions or topics you would like to see Dr. Welch cover? Let us know!