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Chances are, if it’s bad – you know it and are desperately looking for answers.  If you have been diagnosed with a disorder such as IBS, IBD or Celiac, you may have been coached on foods to avoid, which may minimize inflammation and some symptoms.

Turns out, REMOVING stressors like gluten, dairy or other types of food is just the first step in actually repairing the gut.  The remaining steps?

  • REPLACE with enzymes or other substances that help with proper digestion
  • REPOPULATE with probiotics to encourage beneficial bacteria balance
  • REPAIR the gut lining with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids
  • REBALANCE is the practice of creating a lifestyle that minimizes symptoms and allows you to thrive

This month we’re focused on replacing, simply adding back in the good stuff.  One thing that many of us don’t get in our diet is fiber.  Enter Metagenics GI Replenish!  This medical food product helps us get the prebiotic fiber we need to begin introducing to our system, contains an allergen-free pea and rice protein blend, plus contains important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients to help us properly absorb nutrients and digest our food.

If you are interested in learning more about GI Replenish or the 5-R process, schedule a Wellness Consultation with Nurse Practitioner and Lifestyle Medicine Specialist.  We are currently offering a free 15 minute consultation for getting started!