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Vein Treatment with Laser

Telangiectasias and spider veins are visible veins that appear on the surface of the skin, most commonly on the face and legs. While they are essentially harmless, these veins can easily be treated with lasers to improve the appearance of the areas they inhabit.

At AM Skin Health & Plastic Surgery, leg vein treatment is done with the Cynosure Elite MPX system. This allows for gentle, precise and comfortable treatment of veins in a short visit to our Lambertville office.

Multiple treatments may be needed to completely remove visible veins and to restore a smooth, even toned appearance to the skin.

Laser Pricing for Vein Removal:

  • Single lesion – $50
  • 15 minute session – $150
  • 30 minute session – $300
  • 45 minute session – $400
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