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Permanent Makeup has been around for many years, but with full eyebrows being the latest trend, it has seen quite a resurgence in popularity amongst young and old alike!

Permanent makeup, also known as micro pigmentation, uses special equipment to deposit mineral pigments into the skin, much like a tattoo.  Permanent makeup can be done for the brows, but also for eyeliner, lips, correcting scars or skin discolorations, and in areola reconstruction for mastectomy patients.

Summertime is an excellent time for permanent makeup – no worrying about brow pencil smudging if you sweat or eyeliner running off in the pool!

Permanent makeup for the brows is a major trend right now, with a new procedure called microblading being the latest for filling out thinning brows.  Our technique for brows can be likened to “digital microblading” using a machine with specialized needles to place the pigments into the skin, resulting in natural, hair-like strokes with more permanent results than traditional microblading.

With any aesthetic procedure, doing your research and selecting a good provider is of utmost importance!  Finding a professional that has had the appropriate training and experience can help ensure a safe procedure and beautiful results to enjoy for years to come.

Typically, permanent makeup can last anywhere from 5-7 years or even longer in some patients.  We recommend a thorough consultation to start the process with one of our three permanent makeup artists.  Here, we can determine what you are looking to accomplish, as well as discuss the procedure in full and what you can expect following the service.

For more information about permanent makeup and pricing, click here or call us at 734.568.6100 to set up your consultation.