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Are you so tired?  Tired even first thing in the morning?  Need a cup of coffee to battle the 3pm slump tired?  These symptoms are not just something you have to deal with – they are clues that something else is going on!  Imbalanced hormone levels can cause these sleepy symptoms and more, like the familiar night sweats, hot flashes and weight gain that many women report with peri-menopause and menopause.

Hormone replacement may help these symptoms that are the result of the decreasing levels of hormones associated with menopause.  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) is a natural way to replenish the hormone imbalance that many experience as part of the aging process, especially during menopause.

Our dedicated BHRT Nurse Practitioner, Susan Menard can work with you to determine your optimal hormone levels. She can also counsel you in nutrition, supplements and exercise, which also play an important role in optimal health and minimizing those “normal” symptoms of menopause.

Want to learn more about the process and find out if BHRT might be right for you?  Schedule a 15 minute free consultation with Sue to get started!