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Lambertville, MI

LED Jelly Facial

The LED Jelly Facial features the power of LED Therapy, proven to rejuvenate the cells, build collagen production, soothe redness and calm acne breakouts.

Try one of our LED facials, or add to any skincare service.

Customized Facials

Our customized facials can be suited to any skin type or concerns. 

Regularly scheduled facials are an integral part of good skin care practices, and when combined with other fundamental treatments one can achieve amazing results.

All of our skin care treatments conclude with a customized application of results-enhancing serums, appropriate hydration, and broad-spectrum sun protection.

Signature Facial 

A deep cleanse and tone is followed by professional exfoliation and manual extractions to rid the skin of impurities. Steam is utilized to clear out congestion, and a custom mask is applied and removed to reveal a fresh complexion.

The aroma of essential oils, the soothing sounds of spa music, and gentle facial massage provide for total relaxation.

AM Glow LED Facial 

Relaxing, results-oriented, and zero downtime, the AM Glow LED Facial is our version of an ultimate facial!  AM Glow includes a thorough double cleanse, application of an effervescent oxygenating mask, and then exfoliation by enzymes or dermaplane. If needed, there’s plenty of time for extractions, and finally a session of LED Light Therapy.

AM Glow is wonderful for any skin type, especially those with sensitive, red, acne-prone or inflamed skin.

LED Jelly Facial

Our 3 favorite things, combined in one lovely treatment!

Enjoy the exfoliating and smoothing power of a dermaplane, combined with the hydrating and elasticty boosting power of an Esthemax Hydrojelly mask, plus the calming and cell rejuvenating powers of LED light.