Moxi Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Revitalize & refresh by correcting uneven pigmentation & improving skin tone & texture.

Sun damage, uneven skin tone and texture are a thing of the past with Moxi! This gentler approach to laser skin rejuvenation is fantastic for all skin types, even sensitive and melasma-prone individuals.

Moxi delivers non-ablative laser energy to the skin, which triggers the healing response and promotes new collagen and elastin production.  Moxi shines with smoothing fine lines, bringing pigmentation and sun damage out of the skin, and smoothing pores and texture.

During your Moxi treatment, we will do a thorough cleansing of your skin and a dermaplane.  Moxi laser rejuvenation is typically very well tolerated with only the use of topical anesthetic cream, however please ask about Pro-Nox for additional pain and anxiety relief.  A few quick base passes of BBL may be done to prepare your skin for the Moxi laser. After your treatment is complete, your aesthetician will cool you off with application of some topical products. 

We love Moxi for overall refreshing of the skin with minimal downtime – wear makeup 24 hours after treatment & skin is back to normal after 7 days.


Any skin type can benefit from Moxi rejuvenation treatments, and this is a great option for “prejuvenation” to build collagen, maintain elastin and preserve volume.

Immediately following Moxi, your skin will feel warm to the touch for a few hours following treatment, but that will subside by the next day.  Redness and swelling is normal on Days 2-4. Small dark dots will appear on the skin, these are called MENDS (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris) and will flake off gradually up to day 7 on the face or day 14 on other body areas.

Many areas of the body can be treated with Moxi, including  hands, chest, neck, arms and legs. We can also combine Moxi with other procedures such as peels, microneedling and Morpheus.

We typically recommend Moxi in a series of treatments for best results, with 4-6 weeks in between treatments. Your AM aesthetician will work with you to build a customized treatment plan to meet your skin goals.

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