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Laser Hair Reduction

Laser treatment sessions are completed as a series of treatments, spaced approximately 3 to 6 weeks apart. An average treatment session will lead to an approximate 20% reduction in dark, unwanted hairs.

Laser hair reduction is thought to work by targeting the bulb of each hair follicle. Only pigmented hairs can be targeted—the darker and coarser the hair the more successfully a laser can “find” unwanted hair. During treatment, laser energy heats and damages the hair bulb, destroying the hair follicle.

In preparation for laser treatment, skin should be without a tan or self-tanner. Unwanted hairs should NOT be plucked, tweezed, waxed, chemically exfoliated, or threaded. Shaving is permitted prior to treatment.

single treatment
Under Arms$125
Lower Face$150
Between Brows$75
Full Arms$300+
Full Legs$500
Lower Leg 1/2$250
Back of Neck$125